WHEN: Tuesday July 23, 2019 11:00AM – 3:00PM
WHERE: Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater (2357 State Highway Rt. 6 Wellfleet MA 02667) Sign-in in lobby
PREPARATION: A brief comedic monologue and and two contrasting musical theater songs.  An accompanist will be provided.
CONTRACT:AEA NEAT Category 5 ($392/week minimum)
PERSONNEL IN ATTENDANCE: Dani Davis – Director, Peter Hodgson – Music Director, Christopher Ostrom – Producer
SEEKING: Equity and Non-Equity Female Performers who can sing and move for various roles (see breakdown)


Book by Naomi Tuner and Wilderness Sarchild
Music by Malcolm Granger
Directed by Dani Davis


First Rehearsal: on or around September 23, 2019 (in New York)
Rehearsals in Wellfleet MA: on or around October 1, 2019
First Public Performance: October 16, 2019
Press Opening: October 18, 2019
Closing Performance: October 27, 2019


Beulah: 80, a lifelong tap dancer and teacher, she is Aja’s aunt, and a believer in the mystical and magical
Aja: 59, a social justice activist and theatre-maker, married to Sal
Sal: 61, a former folk star in the vein of Joni Mitchell, married to Aja
Louis: 72, has Parkinson’s and lost her daughter to opioid addiction a year ago
Val: 64, a Southern divorcee whose seeming flakiness belies an inner depth
Ms. D: 79, Jewish, from Brooklyn, a former showgirl at the Boom Boom Room
Pam: 77, a former dancer at the Boom Boom Room, recovering from decades with an abusive husband