Our popular Murder Mystery Nights are back with CLUEless!

A classic Clue based murder mystery theme complete with the butler, maid and you the special dinner guests.


Congratulations! You’re invited To the Birthday celebration of the oldest, (and richest), man in town. Lucky you!  Some would kill for the opportunity to meet Barnabas Barnaby Baggs, the famous Pickle Baron! He’s made a lot of enemies in his rise to the top!  I hope none of his enemies tries to kill him tonight. But if they do, will you know who did it? Maybe his latest girlfriend? The angry ex-wife? the spoiled nephew? Perhaps the jealous competitor? …Or You?  Regardless, you’ll have to figure it out! Why? because… we’re “Clueless!”

Monday July 22, 2024
5:00 – 8:00pm
Tickets: $85
includes interactive performance by Jest Murder Mystery Co., a dinner buffet, wine auction, and our popular DESSERT AUCTION! 
Note: This show is intended for an adult audience and includes some suggestive humor.