Wrinkles, the Musical

In WHAT’s first playbill (for Rhinoceros 1985), the founders of WHAT wrote: “In June of ‘85 six actors who had worked together in various Wellfleet productions began talking about starting a theatre company here. We found our goals to be very similar. We wanted a group that worked as a collective to produce quality year-round theatre, pulling together the abundant pool of local talent. We wanted to produce original material, particularly that of local writers, and to provide a space for this to take place.


In keeping with our founders’ goals, Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater is proud to present a fully staged production of Wrinkles, the Musical. With book and lyrics by Wilderness Sarchild and Naomi Turner, and music by Malcom Granger. In Wrinkles, the Musical a group of older women from diverse backgrounds share their stories, joys, sadness, strengths, weaknesses, and a joint, as they come together to create an original musical review for their retirement community. Throughout the rehearsal process they grow closer and bond over their commonalities, breaking down the cultural taboos surrounding the aging process. Wrinkles, the Musical honors those who live authentically, are brave and fearless storytellers, and are ready to reclaim their narrative in order to live life to its fullest.


Like the women in the play, the aging process has been good to Wrinkles, the Musical. Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater first hosted Wrinkles as a work in progress in 2010, presented by TIDES Dance Company. In 2017 and 2018 the play enjoyed critically acclaimed sell-out shows at Cape Cod Theater Company before returning to WHAT for development workshops—both in Wellfleet last spring, and in New York earlier this year. Nine years after audiences were treated to the initial excerpt, Wrinkles returns home to honor the aging process and turn the cultural stereotype of the invisible old woman on end.


We are proud to welcome the return of Wrinkles, the Musical to Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater, reaffirming our commitment to the development of new work, the celebration of local voices, and the theater artists who call Cape Cod home. As we end our 35th Anniversary year it feels especially fitting to offer a home grown production with such strong local roots.


Wrinkles, the Musical

Book and Lyrics by Naomi Turner and Wilderness Sarchild
Music by Malcom Granger
Directed by Dani Davis
Musical Direction and Arrangements by Peter Hodgson
October 16 – 27, 2019

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