WHAT presents THIN MAN THURSDAYS Virtual Film Series, hosted by Marc Strauss

In six films over 13 years, from 1934 – 1947, the Depression-era fantasy leisure-class married couple Nick and Nora Charles (and Asta, their Wire Fox Terrier) drank a lot, flirted with each other and solved crimes together. The films star William Powell and Myrna Loy, and a host of MGM’s finest character actors, in comedy-mystery B movies that were given snappy dialogue and absurd plots that came complete with tricky murders to solve.

Host Marc Strauss will give a short Intro and background of each film at 7 pm on Zoom, then show the movie (watch via Zoom, online, or on your own DVD), and return afterwards for discussion and Q & A with everyone. (Please check the times below to gauge approximate discussion time.)


June 18, 2020—7 pm: The Thin Man(1934; 1 hour, 33 minutes)—Template for the series, William Powell and Myrna Loy play the debonair (and often a bit tipsy) “retired” private investigator and his charming, strong-willed wife in the title roles of an adaptation of Dashiell Hammett’s 1932 mystery novel.


June 25, 2020—7 pm: After the Thin Man(1936; 1 hour, 53 minutes)—Delightful second entry finds the urbane Charles’s in San Francisco and, when not inordinately inebriated, investigating murder charges brought against Loy’s unstable cousin. Slightly overlong but first rate, with a truly surprising culprit.


July 2, 2020—7 pm: Another Thin Man(1939; 1 hour, 45 minutes)—Murder strikes at a Long Island estate and the screen’s favorite lush-detective couple (along with Asta and newborn son, Nick, Jr.) move in to solve it.


July 9, 2020—7 pm: Shadow of the Thin Man(1941; 1 hour, 37 minutes)—Nick and Nora probe murder at a race track and run into the usual assortment of shady characters, notable for famed future acting teacher Stella Adler in a rare film role. Look fast for Ava Gardner walking by a car at a race track.


July 16, 2020—7 pm; The Thin Man Goes Home(1944; 1 hour, 40 minutes)—Nick takes the family on a vacation to Sycamore Springs to visit his parents, but naturally winds up embroiled in a murder case. Leisurely entry, with even more comedy than usual.


July 23, 2020—7 pm; Song of the Thin Man(1947; 1 hour, 26 minutes)—Nick and Nora search for clues to a murder in the dark atmosphere of New York City jazz clubs. Eleven-year-old Dean Stockwell portrays Nick, Jr., in this sixth and final series entry, still amiable and entertaining thanks to the stars’ chemistry.


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