Executive Director: Christopher Ostrom
Director of Development: Patrick Riviere
Director of Media and Community Relations: Susan Blood
Technical Director: Michael Steers
Ass’t Technical Director: Joseph Mastrangelo
Production Stage Manager: Nicky Carbone
Patron Services Manager: Geoff Borman
Administrative and Box Office Assistant: Emma Weisberg
Bookkeeper: Leslie Iamele
Facilities Manager: Rich Archer
Volunteer Coordinators: Dick and Val Rand
Company Photographers: Michael and Suz Karchmer
Producing Director/WHAT for Kids: Stephen Russell
Stage Manager/WHAT for Kids: Sabrina Kane


Honorary Chair (in perpetuity): Julie Harris (1925-2013)

President Emeritus: Carol Green

Chair: Donna R. Ward
Treasurer: Jon Winder
Clerk: David Willard
Bob Airosus
John Dubinsky
Douglas Freeman
Carol Green
Richard Grossman
Mac Hay
Susan Lloyd
Kai Maristed
Kathryn Weill

C. Madison Riley III


Stephen Huff
Ursla Huff
Ed Mark
Frank Risch
Margarita Rudyak
Bob Seay
Michael Zarin
Renee Zarin

photo by Michelina Risbeck