The Colony of the Cats

WHAT for Kids The Colony of the CatsWHAT for Kids! presents

The Colony of the Cats

Written and Directed by Stephen Russell
July 12 – August 24, 2017
Monday through Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

All seats $12

This year’s production is a revival of our 2003 hit, The Colony of the Cats, adapted by Stephen Russell from an Italian folktale. The Colony of the Cats is a lively and funny variation on the familiar Cinderella story, with a large cat, Father Gatto, taking the place of the Fairy Godmother.

When goodhearted Lizina is forced to flee her home by her evil mother and equally unpleasant sister, Pepina, she is hired to keep house for Father Gatto and his family of assorted cats and kittens, where she quickly makes friends with everyone. However, homesickness calls and she reluctantly leaves the cats but not before Father Gatto gives her a special gift. Meanwhile, Prince Carlo, the heir to the throne, is being urged by his mother to marry. When he sees Lizina walking by the palace he falls instantly in love. At first all goes well with Lizina’s homecoming but soon her mother and sister are envious and jealous again. Pepina decides she will also go to work for the cats and gain her fortune, but her mean disposition nets her a very different kind of reward. Nevertheless, come Lizina’s wedding day, her mother tries to pass Pepina off as Lizina to the Prince. And who will step in to uncover the deceit? Cats to the rescue!

WHAT for Kids!

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