Venue Tech Specs


The information listed herein is accurate as of 1 April 2014. Please contact WHAT for the most up-to-date information.


Proscenium Height 19’–0”

Proscenium Width 33’–6”

Edge of Stage to Plaster Line (at CL) 5’–9”

Plaster Line to Rear Wall 27’–3”

CL to SL Wall 34’–10”

CL to SR Wall 34’–11.5”

CL to Fly Rail SR 30’–8”

Stage Height 14.5”


The loading door is located at the end of a gravel driveway off the parking lot at street level and measures 94” H

x 95” W. It opens onto a small dock adjacent to Stage Left. A second overhead rolling door (94”H x 95” W)

opens onto the stage from the loading dock and adjacent hallway. Nothing may be stored on the loading dock

or its adjacent hallway. The loading door is not to be left open for extended periods of time or past 10:00 p.m.


The WHAT | Julie Harris Stage  is equipped with the following softgoods:

1 – Main Border 8′ H x 49′ W, 50% fullness, Cherry Prestige Velour

2 – Main Curtain Panels 19′-6” H x 26′ W, 50% fullness, Cherry Prestige Velour with lining

8 – Black Legs 20′ H x 8” W no fullness

4 – Black Legs 18′ H x 10′ W no fullness

3 – Black Borders 8′ H x 49′ W no fullness

2 – Black Tabs, hung from traveler track SL and SR 18′ H x 20′ W no fullness

2 – Black Panels 20′ W x 18′ H no fullness

1 – White Cyclorama 19’H x 49’W

1 – Black Sharkstooth Scrim 18′-10” H x 47′-6” W


There are three (3) dressing rooms at stage level, and an additional dressing room on the second floor. Each

room can accommodate up to four (4) actors. Each room is equipped with lighted mirrors, a single rolling

wardrobe rack, additional shelf space for storage and folding chairs.

A handicap accessible restroom with roll-in shower is located on the first floor. An additional accessible restroom

is located on the second floor.

A green room is located on the second floor and is outfitted with a refrigerator and microwave, along with a

sofa, dining table and chairs.


The laundry room is located at stage level. It is equipped with a washer, duel dryers, professional steamer and

an iron and ironing board. Additional support space with a sewing machine and limited work space is located on

the second floor.

Four (4) additional rolling “Z” style racks are available.

The nearest dry cleaner is located in Orleans MA, approximately 20 minutes from the theater.



102 ETC Source-4 (Body Only) 575w

45 50º Barrel

32 36º Barrel

26 26º Barrel

4 19º Barrel

14 ETC Source-4 Junior Zoom 575w

18 ETC Source-4 PAR (WFL, MFL, NSP, VNSP) 575w

18 L&E 6” Fresnel 500w

10 10” Fresnel (various manufacturers) 1kw

4 8′, 4 circuits R40 FLD Striplights 300w

14 Selecon Hui 3 Cell Cyc Lights 1kw (these fixtures are not suitable for use as a groundrow)

Dimming and Control:

148 ETC Sensor 2.4kw dimmers (dimmer per circuit layout, 50 FOH, 98 onstage)

An additional 48 1.2kw dimmers are available onstage as needed.

ETC Express 125 Control Console


The WHAT | Julie Harris Stage  is equipped with 11 counterweighted linesets. The maximum out trim of

these sets is 26′. Please consult theater plans for exact locations.


The majority of the stage is fully trapable via a StageRight brand pit infill system. Please consult theater plans

for exact locations. More information is available upon request.


More information upon request.