The Photography of Michael & Suz Karchmer

Suz Karchmer, “Drawn Together by the Light,” iPhone 6+

The Photography of Michael & Suz Karchmer
Reception: June 19, 6-7:30pm

Come meet our company photographers Michael & Suz Karchmer, and see what they do here at the theater and beyond.

Artist Statement:

Our theater photography represents our efforts to capture the key moments and feel of each production. Our goal is to highlight the arc of the action and the energy of the performers on stage. We approach this responsibility as a joint endeavor where we blend our styles to reflect the experience of being in the audience. It’s not about us; it’s about the plays and performances, the actors, and the moments of energy and emotion.

In the upper lobby you’ll see our more personal work. Here we’ve each selected images to highlight our different approaches and interests. Suz tends tends to favor bright, saturated colors, with images of people who are in the process of revealing something about themselves. She hopes viewers will be caught up in the action or emotion of these implied stories. Michael prefers to stand back a bit and look at scenes from a broader perspective. His color choices tend to be muted and texture is a usually a key ingredient in his images. He wants the viewer to look at his photos of people and places and visit awhile.

In the upper lobby, you’ll also see the results of a shared interest we have in photography derived from the Hollywood Noir style of movie making so popular in the 40s and 50s. We had been dabbling with this type of photography, so were thrilled when Jeffry George asked us last year to reference this style for a black & white PR shot of Ruby Wolf channeling a young Julie Harris for “I am a Camera.” In addition to this image by Michael, we’ve included “Through the Blinds,” a Noir style image by Suz. We’ve also rendered these same images in color so that viewers can judge for themselves which they find more successful. Michael’s “Homage to Alfred Hitchcock” is also part of this Noir section, a reference to the director’s 1954 classic “Rear Window.”


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