2012 season

George Gritzbach Blues Band Concert

October 20th, @ 7 pm

George Gritzbach (guitar & vocals), Michael Critch (piano), Steve Hambleton (bass), and Bart Weisman (drums)

George Gritzbach has appeared at a wide variety of venues and festivals and has opened for B.B. King and Eddie Money. He is a seasoned blues guitarist and vocalist and performs blues and funk classics and originals and burns with energy and passion for the music he loves.


Coro de Entrevoces

World Renowned Cuban A Cappella Choir

November 2nd @ 7:30 pm

The choir was founded in 1981 by Digna Guerra Ramírez. It has distinguished itself with outstanding interpretations from very different eras and styles. The choir sings works from the Spanish, English and Italian Renaissance as well as contemporary music, Negro spirituals and Cuban music. It has sung in the major concert halls in Cuba as well as in radio and television. It has performed at choral and jazz festivals and contributed to the expansion of choral music by appearing in schools and major concert halls. Guest concerts have taken it to many countries throughout the world, among them Spain, France, Italy, Venezuela, and Canada.  Most recently it was the gold prize winner at 12th International Chamber Choir Competition Marktoberdorf, Germany.


Fourth year of our play development program for new works for the American theater
Fourth Season Begins in November!

Tenants in the Heart, by Dina Harris

November 7-10, 2012 (closed to public)

FREE Public Reading Saturday Nov. 10
7:30pm Julie Harris Stage

Members of TC Squared in a WHAT Lab, November 2011

Tales of a Lonely Recluse, by Jesse Tolbert

November 16-18, 2012 (closed to public)

FREE Public Reading Sunday Nov. 18
4:00pm Julie Harris Stage

Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater’s WHAT Lab

We provide a series of group residencies for visiting playwrights, actors and directors, each tailored to best fit the needs of individual projects. A limited number of Labs are offered each year between November and April.

Yule for Fuel!

Dates are confirmed! Reserve your tickets for our annual charity fundraiser with the Lower Cape Outreach Council.

November 24th @ 7:30 pm

December 1st @ 7:30 pm

December 8th @ 7:30 pm

December 15th @ 7:30 pm

Past 2012 productions:

References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot
by Jose Rivera

Directed by Dan Lombardo

Previews May 24 & 25. Opens May 26, Closes June 9. Show starts @ 8pm

Rivera’s magical masterpiece finds Gabriela talking to the moon – played by a man in a Panama hat playing a violin on her refrigerator. When her husband Benito returns from war, the limits of love are tested, the desert comes alive like a surreal Dali painting, and Gabriela’s housecat dances with a wily coyote. In this comic drama, the moon hovers over all, offering haunting music and dreamlike wisdom. Appearing with WHAT’s seasoned actors will be the young, talented actors of Boston’s TC Squared Theater.

Aniela Gonzalez: From Audition to a Starring Role
Interview by director Dan Lombardo

Sometimes the right actor walks in the door of the audition room and magic happens. You have your leading lady. In the case of the casting the lead character, Gabriela, I had already had a casting session for non-Equity actors in Boston, and two full days of Actors Equity auditions in Wellfleet. I still hadn’t found just the right Gabriela. Then, a young actor called to ask if she could come in and read for the part. I’ll let Aniela tell the rest of the story.

Dan Lombardo: Describe what your audition was like.
Aniela Gonzalez: I had a wonderful audition experience, the kind actors dream of. Everyone was very friendly from when I first walked in through the door and you were so kind and welcoming that I instantly felt at ease. I performed a monologue and scene; you had me read another scene and soon after you said “I never do this but you have the part!” I was thrilled and relieved to hear those words after a long journey from Manhattan to Wellfleet and having cancelled a flight to Miami the day before just to go to the audition. Gabriela is a part I have been wanting to play since I first read and fell in love with References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot and I am grateful it’s being done in such a special theater.

DL: Tell me about your character, Gabriela.
AG:  Gabriela is a young woman from Puerto Rico, who lives alone most of the year in a desert that is part of an army town. She spends most of the year waiting for her husband to come home from war. She longs for a certain sense of beauty in her life and looks for it in the Universe, the stars, galaxies, and the moon. They take her far away from her lonely reality. Her cat and the moon keep her company until Benito comes home for a few hours just to take her to bed and leave again. This behavior has left her progressively more empty and frustrated throughout the years. She loves deeply, dreams passionately, and wants her marriage to be beautiful again.

DL: Why should everyone on Cape Cod leave the beach and rush to WHAT to see References to Salvador Dali…?
AG: If you haven’t read References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, I recommend you DONT READ IT!, come SEE it!, feel all the emotions, react to the characters, become a part of this world for a couple of hours and THEN read the play. These characters will carry you into their world, cuddle you and then spit you out. But that is the theater — it’s an experience worth leaving a day at the beach for.

. . .What are premonitions, hunches, Déjà vu,
and the little voices in your head?
That’s me —
whispering mightily in your ear,
hoping to give you a fighting chance in this hard carnivorous world

— Moon



World Premiere Musical
The Consequences
by Nathan Leigh and Kyle Jarrow

Directed by Kel Haney
Previews June 14 & 15, Open, June 16 Close, July 7. Show starts @ 8pm.

Andrew Guilarte, Crystal Arnette, and Alex Herrald in “The Consequences,” Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater, June, 2012 [Photo Credit: Michael and Suz Karchmer

Buy The Consequences Soundtrack!

“The Consequences’ cast sparkles…  a thought-provoking and thoroughly entertaining evening you won’t want to miss.”
Cape Cod Times (The Consequences)
read the review

Watch the video trailer for The Consequences!

A new indie rock musical co-authored by Nathan Leigh (WHAT’s resident sound designerA new indie rock musical co-authored by Nathan Leigh (WHAT’s resident sound designer and composer) and Obie Award-winning playwright Kyle Jarrow. A bittersweet rock and roll love story about roads not taken and dreams not followed. A winking deconstruction of the romantic comedy genre, it explores themes of fate, choice, and the difficulty of knowing one’s own heart. It was developed at the WHAT Lab, 2010.
Listen to a song:
All That You’re Touching is Skin, http://www.landoftrust.com Download songs: Nathan Leigh and Kyle Jarrow – The Sound of My Voice, http://www.nathanleigh.net/theatre/the-consequences

Kyle Jarrow, Playwright
                                                     Kyle Jarrow, Playwright
Composer Nathan Leigh                                                                                                           
Composer Nathan Leigh

Listen to a song: All That You’re Touching is Skin, http://www.landoftrust.com Download songs: Nathan Leigh and Kyle Jarrow – The Sound of My Voice, http://www.nathanleigh.net/theatre/the-consequences

Saving Kitty

by Marisa Smith

“This world-premiere production at Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater delights as it jabs at politics, pretension, and hypocrisy” Boston Globe

Directed by Rand Foerster
Previews, July 12 & 13
Opens July 14, Closes July 28. Show starts @ 8pm.

Kitty, an up-and-coming TV journalist, brings her evangelical Christian boyfriend home to her Upper East-side parents with volcanic results. This new family comedy is like a Hepburn and Tracy film catapulted into the 21st century. Religion, politics, and love come to dinner. Kate tries to save Kitty. And Kitty battles Kate, who is distractedly searching for a burka that flatters her youthful figure.

Laura Esterman stars as Kate – star of many WHAT productions, Drama Desk Award and Obie Award winning Broadway actress. Caitlin Clouthier (The Betrothed, WHAT 2011) as Kitty, Elliot Norton Award-winning actor/director Richard McElvain (Daughter of Venus, WHAT 2010) as Huntley, and actor/singer “Taller than Life” Richard Wayne as Paul.

Rave Review from Boston Globe!
Another Rave Review for Saving Kitty!
Critics’ Pick in Boston Globe
And from the Cape Cod Times!

“Hysteria” is Hysterical at WHAT —
Rave Review!

And Another Rave — Cape Cod Times Review!


Hysteria: Or Fragments of an Analysis of an Obsessional Neurosis

by Terry Johnson

Directed by Todd Olson
A Co-production with American Stage Theater St. Petersburg
Previews August 2 & 3. Open, August 4. Close August 25. Show starts @ 8pm.

Jessica, one of Freud’s earliest “cases,” returns to haunt the psychoanalyst but finds Salvador Dali hiding in the cupboard. Featuring Stacy Fischer in her Elliot Norton Award-winning role as Jessica.

Stacy Fischer and Justin Campbell as Jessica and Salvador Dali
“WHAT always keeps us on our toes and keeps us thinking, and this production is no exception. You will find little pieces of this play creeping into your consciousness for days after you have seen it and hey, Freud and Dali would have liked that….”  (Barnstable Patriot)
A “wild, weird and funny, serious, compassionate and shocking, blasphemous and reverential, intellectual and frivolous, a factual fantasy, a demented farce…” (The New York Times).

In both senses of the word, Hysteria is hysterical—gut-shakingly funny, and yet so prone to mood swings that you’re liable to wind up with psychological whiplash. (Time Out, Boston)
And Another Rave Review — from the Barnstable Patriot!

A Sure Hit! — John Watters in the Barnstable Patriot
Read the Rave Review in the Boston Globe!


Michael Pemberton, Michael Samuel Kaplan, Valerie Stanford
(Photo Michael & Suz Karchmer)

by Kevin Rice
American Premiere
directed by Daisy Walker

September 1 – 22. Shows start @ 8pm. Wednesdays through Sundays

                                                                             (Photo Michael & Suz Karchmer)

There’s an Oblomov in All of Us

A theater where you’re actively encouraged to fall asleep? Or, failing that, to participate in a snoring chorus? Welcome to Oblomovka, ancestral home of Russian napper extraordinaire Ilya Ilyich Oblomov, the fictional subject of Ivan Goncharov’s 1859 novel and now Kevin Rice’s delightfullycapriciousdramatization at theWellfleet HarborActors Theatre. — Boston Globe

Michael Pemberton (L), Michael Samuel Kaplan (R), (photo Michael & Suz Karchmer)

Oblomov, slave to slumber and sultan of sloth, looms as one of the greatest satirical — and definitely the most horizontal — heroes ever penned, a man who doesn’t get out of bed before late afternoon, if at all.  In this adaptation, the prince of procrastination comes brilliantly alive or, at least, awake foran hour and a half as he and his servant, Zakhar (think Don Quixote and SanchoPanza) are pitted against the world.  A Mystery Woman fills out this rollicking and often comic epic that takes the audience on a wild ride, something of a timeless commute between the neon lights of today’s Moscow and Oblomov’s imagined field of ripe but unharvested dreams. Written by one of the Founders of WHAT!

Did we mention this is a high-energy comedy? Valerie Stanford plays Olya, the love interest, and doubles as Oblomov’s mother, while

Oblomov is a Boston Globe Critics Pick

Michael Samuel Kaplan plays eight different characters who rotate in and out of Oblomov’s cluttered Moscow apartment and inhabit dreamy flashbacks to his happier childhood. — Boston Globe

Read more: ‘Oblomov’ to premiere at Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater, by Reva Blau


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WHAT’s 2012 Theater Season!

  •  References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot by José Rivera (May 24 – June 9)
  • The Consequences (a musical) by Nathan Leigh and Kyle Jarrow (June 14 – July 7) WORLD PREMIERE
  • Saving Kitty by Marisa Smith (July 12 – July 28) WORLD PREMIERE
  • Hysteria: Or Fragments of an Analysis of an Obsessional Neurosis by Terry Johnson (Aug. 5 – Aug. 25)
  • Oblomov by Kevin Rice (Aug. 30 – Sept. 22) AMERICAN PREMIERE