Lost Weekend; or, The Drug Play

WHAT is proud to participate in the inaugural ArtSpring, a Cape-wide celebration of the arts around the theme of Freedom of Expression. Presented by WHAT, Cotuit Center for the Arts, Cape Symphony, Preservation Hall, and others.

A reading of Lost Weekend

by Mike Poe
Directed by Jeffry George
Saturday, April 29, 2017, 7:00PM

Julie, a high school senior, needs to decide on what college she is going to attend in the fall. However, due to an accident six months earlier, she is out of sorts, popping painkillers, and just trying to get out of the small Cape Cod town she lives in so she can get to “all the real life stuff” happening in Boston. Julie’s friend, Kaitlyn, tries to pull Julie out of her funk and get her to attend Wellesley with her in an attempt to “save” Julie from her drug dealer, Dragon (a senior at her high school who benefits from a trust fund, his father’s prescription pad, and a whole lot of charisma). Navigating life, and the drug scene are never easy, so Julie’s brother Liam and his partner Jace try to get Julie off the Cape and into their new apartment in Boston where they can help her detox, and get set up for the rest of her life. But both Jace and Liam come with their own set of problems. Though, after a night of partying, where Jace dies under suspicious circumstances, no one really knows how to continue on with their lives. Can they move past this tragedy, or will they forever be stuck reliving these memories through the grip of addiction?

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