Cape Dance Festival presents The Wondertwins

On Sunday July 28 we welcome the Cape Dance Festival to the Larry Phillips Performance Pavilion with a free performance by The Wondertwins.


Celebrating 40 years as dance professionals, Billy and Bobby McClain, aka The Wondertwins, perform with the technical facility of hip hop, the sophistication of Cotton Club glory days, the flash of Rat Pack-era Las Vegas, and elements of vaudeville, robot, tap, and mime. The Wondertwins create a distinctive style all their own, using an eclectic soundtrack, ranging from legendary rappers Busta Rhymes and KRS One, to the classic voice of Sammy Davis Jr., and poetry from Maya Angelou, Nina Simone, Alonzo King and more.  The Wondertwins offer a kaleidoscopic view of African-American entertainment traditions.


They have worked for over 20 years as educators in the Boston public schools, and spend summers as the directors of Project RISE, an educational summer program for 150 inner-city students in Braintree, MA. The duo uses high energy street dance as a platform to educate their audiences about the history of hip hop with motivational stories of successes and failures in life and dance.


Cape Dance Festival, now in its 7th season, presents world-class dance artists to residents and visitors on the Cape. Their mission has an educational and altruistic component that this amazing event will satisfy in the deepest sense.


The Wondertwins

presented by the Cape Dance Festival
Sunday July 28, 11:00 AM
in the Larry Phillips Performance Pavilion

reservations recommended

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