… and then you go on

An Anthology of the works of Samuel Beckett
adapted and performed by Bob Jaffe
directed by Peter Wallace
The Julie Harris Stage | July 31, August 1-2, 2019

Adapted and performed by Bob Jaffe, …and then you go on. An Anthology of the works of SAMUEL BECKETT draws from 13 of Beckett’s works, spanning 44 years (1936 – 1980).  Jaffe portrays a single composite character in this “tour de force solo performance piece” (CurtainUp.com), a character who finds hope and connection in the face of despair.

“a lionizing tribute to this great Irish writer, and it is inarguably a deserving one” – The New York Times

“Jaffe… brings a wry and passionate intensity to his performance, a belief in the words that brings out their consolation, a quality that many directors and actors miss.”  – The Boston Globe